My Story and Vision

I have been working with individuals in this area planning for retirement for over 10 years.

I grew up on several small cattle ranches and farms in Idaho, Utah and Montana. I have been back in the Idaho Falls area since 1991.  I am happily married and have two children, one daughter and one son.   

I believe in the value of honesty and hard work in all I do.  I strive to bring all that I have learned and experienced into an actionable process that improves the lives of those that I serve.  I desire to be a fiduciary and always do the right thing for my clients.

I am dedicated to developing lasting relationships with all of my clients and expect to serve them throughout their lives.  This relationship is built on mutual trust and confidence, as we work toward your end goal.

We live in uncertain times and while the world is often in turmoil.  I strive to bring simple principles to play in my business that will help breathe "Fresh Air" into your retirement plan.  These same principles will also help you breathe easy in difficult times.

I look forward to using my experience and expertise to help you pursue your Personal and Retirement goals.